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Flowers & colour

Experience an abundance of flowers & colour.

Our primary design focus at Sacred Blessing Sanctuary Garden is flowers and colour, combined with a fusion with New Zealand natives. From the fragrant blooms of roses with their rich coloured petals to the multitude of perennials and herbs, the beautiful form of the winter magnolias and camellias or the stunning summer hibiscus.


A private collection of significant sculptures.

The garden includes a permanent collection of significant New Zealand sculptures. Eight Paul Dibble bronze sculptures were installed in 2015, including The Gold of the Kowhai, a 3.5 metre (12 feet) bronze sculpture with a patina of 24 caret gold leaf to mimic the New Zealand native kowhai flower, a graceful 5 metre (17 feet) high Phil Price carbon fibre composite kinetic sculpture called Liberace,and a Ray Hayden corten steel sculpture, both of which were installed in 2019. 

Butterflies, birds & bees

An abundance of life forms.

Nurturing an environment to allow a natural ecosystem of life forms in the garden is of special interest at Sacred Blessing Sanctuary Garden. From New Zealand native birds, the monarch butterflies, bees, bumble bees, lady birds, worms to the microscopic life forms within soil.

Challenging environment

Soil, salt air & a lack of water.

Waiheke Island has a history of being an extremely challenging environment to establish a garden because of its poor soil conditions, that is, being predominately clay with very minimal topsoil, coastal winds laden with salt spray and long hot/dry summers with very little rain. Pushing the boundary of plant diversity in this challenging landscape is something we strive for.

From small beginnings

From the humble vege patch.

This two acre garden, on the northern side of Waiheke with views over Enclosure Bay & Sandy Bay, is surrounded on two sides by McKenzie Reserve, a twelve acre native reserve. The garden was originally four separate properties, the first was purchased in December 2000. The garden started from very small beginnings, with a vegetable patch, and it grew with no plan to what it is today. Between 2014 & 2018 it was extensively landscaped, and then another major redevelopment started in March 2020 & was completed in December 2021.

The garden opened to the public in November 2015.

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Media & Public Events


November 2017 Sunday Star Times, Lynda Hallinan: From Issac Newton to Oprah, some people are just slow learners (by Lynda Hallinan)

Excerpt from Lynda Hallinan's (former NZ Gardener Editor) article, Sunday Star Times (19 November 2017, p. E19):

'The Sacred Blessing Sanctuary Garden on Waiheke Island is the most beautiful garden I have ever visited in New Zealand, and I have visited a lot of gardens. It has everything: sculpture, sentiment, a serene fernery, fat strawberries, heritage roses, lush lawns and gardeners who hand-clip the carpeting pratia with scissors.'

November 2017 Shared Kitchen's award winning chef & author, Julie Biuso shares her visit to Sacred Blessing Sanctuary Garden before the Waiheke Island Garden Festival fundraising Garden Party.

November 2017  Shared Kitchen's award winning chef & author, Julie Biuso prepares a stunning luncheon for the Jassy Dean fundraing garden party.

March 2016 NZ Gardener, Garden of the Week: Sacred Blessing Sanctuary, Waiheke Island (by Carol Bucknell)

March 2016 NZ Herald, The Secret Garden (by Jane Jeffries)

November 2015 Waiheke Marketplace, Sacred Blessing Sanctuary gets the most votes from Waiheke Island Garden Safari (by George Gardner)


November 2017 New Zealand Flower and Garden Show Garden Tours

November 2017 The Waiheke Garden Festival hosted a fundraising Garden Party with gardening guru & former NZ Gardener Editor Lynda Hallinan and canapes by award winning cookbook author Julie Biuso from Shared Kitchen.

February 2017 Waiheke Island Art Gallery hosted a fundraising Garden Party celebrating NZ sculptor Paul Dibble.

November 2016 The Waiheke Garden Safari hosted a private garden tour as part of their Xanthe White (NZ Landscaper Designer)  fundraising luncheon. The annual fundraising event for the Jassy Dean Trust, caring for sick children on Waiheke.

November 2015 Waiheke Island Garden Safari, a fundraiser for the Jassy Dean Trust. Winner of the People's Choice Award.

November 2011 Waiheke Island Garden Safari, a fundraiser for the Jassy Dean Trust. Winner of the People's Choice Award.

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